ICAF Summer Camp Teaches Creativity, Diversity and Unity

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Join the International Child Art Foundation's ICAF Summer Camp in Washington D.C. this year.

A two-week camp starts on June 29, 2015 and ends on July 11, 2015. This is a global education and creativity camp that develops global thinking and fosters critical thinking. The campers enjoy an unprecedented learning experience in our nation's capital. A sample of activities are:

June 29 > Campers participate in activities such as art therapy which open their minds to the opportunities that lie ahead and new ways of thinking. Individual creativity tests are administered by the ICAF. American (southern) dinner.

June 30th > Campers participate in the 5th World Children's Festival and learn about health and environment, the body and mind. Chinese dinner.

July 1st > Campers participate in the 5th World Children's Festival and learn about the importance of imagination and how they can boost their creative potential. Italian dinner.

July 2nd > Campers participate in the 5th World Children's Festival and learn to be peace leaders of the future, with empathy towards all. Mediterranean dinner.

July 3rd > Campers are invited to attend the World Children's Awards Banquet where they receive WCF Camp Certificates from dignitaries. Banquet.

July 4th > Campers participate in the U.S. Independence Day celebrations, starting with a concert in the morning and ending the day with a phenomenal display of fireworks. Ethiopian dinner.

July 5th > Campers study science and art with visits to the National Air & Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art. Vietnamese/Thai dinner.

July 6th > Campers learn about American history and visit museums, memorials, and sites. American (Louisiana) dinner.

July 7th > Campers learn about Asian, African and Latin American cultures. Mexican dinner.

July 8th > Campers learn about nature, animals and horticulture with visits to an arboretum, botanic gardens and a zoo. Vegetarian dinner.

July 9th > Campers learn about community and politics, and meet with political and community leaders. American (steak) dinner.

July 10th > Campers learn about self and health by visiting a children's hospital and a medical research center and attending workshops on a range of issues from nutrition to neurons. Mexican dinner.

July 11th > Campers take the creativity test again to note the extent to which they have become more creative and open in the two-week period. Mediterranean dinner.

Most days the activities are from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. The ICAF has worked with children from different cultures and places since 1997. Two ICAF staff members are always with the Campers, who may have their own chaperons, parents or guardians as well.

The ICAF Summer Camp fee is $3,500 inclusive of 4 star hotel accommodation, three healthy meals a day, juices and refreshments all the time, instructional activities, school supplies, local transport and security, laundry, first aid, and tickets to the Banquet and all other ticketed venues. Campers arrange their own travel and medical insurance. Contact the ICAF to enquire if registration is still open.

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